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Prometics Lending Navigator

Advanced AI/ML Automated Lending Strategy Platform

Prometics Lending Navigator: strategy builder and validation platform

Strategy Builder & Validations

Prometics cloud data library classification

Data Library, Classification & Insights

Prometics forecasting and stress testing platform

Forecasting, Stress Testing, & Compliance

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Prometics Lending Navigator™

Advanced Lending Insights

Advanced Lending Insights

Automated lending insights developed by financial professionals for all lending products and financial institutions

Automated Strategy Builder

Automated Strategy Builder

Automated AI/ML delivering advanced strategies which can be manually adjusted instantly

Forecasting, Supervisory & Custom Scenarios

Forecasting, Supervisory & Custom Scenarios

Forecasting with a wide range of industry-agreed scenarios, and comparing new vs. old lending strategy performances

Custom Score Development

Custom Score Development

Automated AI/ML delivering advanced models and validations, enabling further lending expansions, and other strategy enhancements

Stress Testing & Capital Requirement

Stress Testing & Capital Requirement

Automated stress testing and key performance indicators delivery used for regulatory and capital requirement framework

Data Classification Compliance & Vendor Testing

Data Classification Compliance & Vendor Testing

Data cleaning and regulatory compliant classification for structured and unstructured data. Centralized testing platform for new vendor data


Prometics Customer benefit: adapting to changes

Adapts to Changes

Reduces Strategy development cycle time and builds resiliency with automated lending analytics, unlimited simulations, and instant Key Process Indicator reporting through current world events, the changing interest rate environment, and any future changing markets.

Prometics Customer benefit: competing for growth

Competes For Growth

Provides a competitive advantage through advanced AI/ML automated lending strategies, analytics, custom scorecards, and forecasting. Promotes inclusive lending and provides access to underserved markets with alternative credit strategies.

Prometics Customer benefit: saving on cost

Saves On Cost

Delivers lending process synergy and efficiency across all lending assets and the full product development life cycle through a cloud-based, no-code, and core-agnostic platform. Centralizes strategy development to optimize time to market and resource allocation.


Three Business Critical Lending Strategy Deliveries

Advanced Analytics

Instant processing, cleansing, and classification of your data by lending permissible purposes for regulatory compliance. Compare with industry trends and track key insights for your portfolios.

Expert Development

Advanced Automated AI/ML combined with industry expertise to select the most optimized strategies and models for your needs from thousands of possibilities. Final product is fully customizable by the users.

Robust Validation

Extensive use of AI/ML to validate our solutions, using key validation factors and regulatory compliant solutions. Validation documentation may be instantly shared or exported for internal or auditor's review.


Meeting the unique compliance needs of the highly regulated lending industry

Prometics SOC Compliance

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