One platform with solutions for all lending products, all lending functions, and for all types and sizes of financial institutions.

Why Prometics

Steers you clear of the current credit cycle downturn

Monitoring and adjusting your credit strategies as the next credit cycle timing and failure points are becoming harder to predict
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Protects you from market share loss caused by digital competition

Migrating any credit policies from manual to digital underwriting to not lose any market share
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Keeps you out of Matters Requiring Attention (MRA) from regulators

Complying with the CFPB and FFIEC agencies guidance on frequent model validations for your lending forecasts and fair lending analysis for your strategies
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Avoids employee turnover, quiet quitting, and high cost of attracting talent

Working more efficiently and effectively, reducing siloes and improving communication
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Key Solutions And Use Cases

Solutions : Product team using Prometics

Product Solution

Product roadmap strategy for all products, channels, and product features

Solutions : Marketing with Prometics


Preapproved and cross-sell campaigns strategies, CPA and content optimization

Credit Risk with Prometics

Credit Risk

Advanced Credit Policies and Underwriting strategies. Alternative lending. Stress testing

Solutions : Members & Customers using Prometics

Member / Customer Results

Membership, engagement, retention strategies with life cycle sensitivities

Solutions : Finance with Prometics


Return On Asset, investment, capital requirement, and CECL IFRS 9 loan-loss reserve optimization

Fraud with Prometics

Fraud Solution

Behavioral analytics and fraud detection strategies for Digital Lending expansion

Solutions : Revenues with Prometics


Strategies enabling market share expansion and service to underserved segments

Solutions : Pricing with Prometics


Risk-based pricing with key product characteristics to optimize revenue

Compliance with Prometics


Regulatory compliant explainable models. On-demand model validation friendly documentation

Account Management with Prometics

Account Management

Account management and servicing strategies. Work queues and operations analytics

Collections with Prometics


Early and late-stage collection strategies and process optimization


And Getting Results

Advanced Analytics

Instant processing, cleansing, and classification of your data by lending permissible purposes for regulatory compliance. Compare with industry trends and track key insights for your portfolios.

Expert Development

Advanced Automated AI/ML combined with industry expertise to select the most optimized strategies and models for your needs from thousands of possibilities. Final product is fully customizable by the users.

Robust Validation

Extensive use of AI/ML to validate our solutions, using key validation factors and regulatory compliant solutions. Validation documentation may be instantly shared or exported for internal or auditor's review.

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